About SuperPlant

Led by Science, Inspired by Nature

We offer a range of Organic powders, Blends and Bouillon based on the Earth’s most powerful ingredients. SuperPlant fortified blends deliver specific support for plant based diets. Led by Science, our products provide robust benefits and key micronutrients, easily incorporated into your daily cooking and juicing. A kitchen apothecary!

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, as effectively as possible. Exercise, healthy eating, active social lives are key ingredients to achieving this. We also want to protect our bodies against disease and blunt the effects of ageing. More and more of us are following plant based diets. This does not mean we are necessarily vegetarian or vegan, many are, but not all. In fact, we are mostly eating less meat and having loads of fun with veggies, pulses, rice and grains, we are 'Flexitarian’. 

SuperPlant functional blends and bouillon incorporate Organic superfoods with the addition of micronutrient bundles often missing in plant based diets. These include Vitamin B12, D, Calcium, Iodine and Iron. We call this our “Superboost” and it has been developed by nutritionists and scientists. 

One foot in Peru, we work with Amazonian and Andean communities to sustainably harvest roots, fruits and funghi, the most powerful ingredients on Earth.

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