Frequently Asked Questions

How many fortified blends do you offer:

We offer three blends. Bone & Beauty Function, Energy Function, Immunity Function.  Each blend is a mix of dried Superfood roots and fruits, fortified with a micronutrient SuperBoost.

What does a fortified blend mean?

‘Fortified’ refers to the boost of micronutrients we have developed with nutritionists to support plant based diets.

What does gelatinised maca mean?

Gelatinising maca makes it sound super processed, when in reality it’s a term for cooking under pressure.  Our bodies cannot always easily absorb the nutrients from raw maca, so breaking down starches through the cooking process aids digestion.

How sweet is Organic Lucuma powder?

Lucuma fruit is more of a natural butterscotch sweet, than a knock your socks off sugar hit.  In powder form, we recommend using 2 teaspoons of lucuma to 1 equivalent teaspoon of sugar.

How do you support communities?

We are a new company and do not wish to over-claim great philanthropic works.  That said, we work directly with a number of Andean and Amazonian supplier communities and will support these guys as we grow.

How much Functional Blend should I use to support my plant based diet?

A guideline is that a 10g serving added to your smoothie, yoghurt, curry provides 30% RDA Vitamin B12, D, Calcium, Iodine and Iron.  If you feel that is too much, simply reduce the amount on your spoon to 5g

What uses are there for SuperBouillon?

Bouillon is a base and umami for so many recipes.  We like to use SuperBouillon as an alternative to salt.  We sprinkle it onto our cooked veggies or into the pan as they are cooking.  


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