Our Values


We are committed to authenticity throughout the business. Proud of transparency in the supply chain, ingredients and their provenance are clearly detailed.


Led by science, inspired by nature. We do not venture claims that are unproven.

Sustainable Standards

Deeply committed to environmental issues. We work with remote communities in Peru where we champion women’s rights and economic development. We harvest sustainably, provide local employment and audit our supply chain to ensure highest standards. We use no plastic or non recyclable materials.

Joy of Life

We love to cook, to eat, share laughter with our closest. You will never hear us preaching about how to live your life or setting unrealistic goals!

Giving back

We support Amantani with 10% of our profits.


We have years of experience working in Peru. Our ties to supplier communities in the Andes and Amazon are strong.  Physically being in Peru, we access the highest quality raw materials and monitor processing and consistency of each harvest.  Soon, you will be able to trace each ingredient back to the supplier community via Google Earth.

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